Advanced membranes startup investors

Welcometo RedZone, a startup accelerator program for innovators in advanced membranes technology

RedZone is the SAES's acceleration program for early stage materials science startups especially focused on advanced membranes systems. RedZone help deep tech startups turn their ideas into tangible products through to the Open Labs, the heart of its offer, which is a high-tech environment with cutting-edge instrumentation available to startups to create, develop and characterize innovative solutions with the technical and strategic support of SAES specialists. RedZone is looking for startups with an innovative and sustainable proposal in the advanced membranes sector.

Advanced membranes startup investors serving innovating realities

SAES is the right partner to walk together in the journey of a startup willing to innovate with new advanced membrane technologies. With over 80 years of groundbreaking advancements in material science, SAES has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing various industries, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life. Today SAES is opening its laboratories to deep tech startups with innovative proposal in the advanced membranes field.

Advanced membrane startups: who we are looking for

RedZone's call focuses on supporting innovative startups active in the field of advanced membranes to develop cutting-edge solutions.
This means early stage startups dealing with polymeric based mixed-matrix membranes for:
- H2 production
- fuelcells
- CO2 separation
- medtech
- water and air purification
RedZone’s acceleration program provides resources, cutting-edge facilities and support to these startups, helping them turn their ideas into products. By targeting startups working in these specific areas, RedZone aims to foster the growth of groundbreaking technologies and drive advancements in the advanced membranes industry in a sustainable way.

Is your advanced membranes startup looking for investors?

The startups meeting the indicated requirements and having an innovative proposal in the advanced membranes sector can apply by filling out the form on: